Beijing Film Festival

We are honored that our Chinese action comedy project THE SPEED BREED 3D has been selected for the Sino Foreign Co-Production Forum at the Beijing Film Festival. Pitchings and one-to-one meetings will be held at the China Millennium Monument from April 17 to 19. Among the international guests of the forum are such filmmakers as Jean-Jacques Annaud, Darren Aronofsky, Tsui Hark and Tom DeSanto.

HUMP goes Lyon

From March 4 to 6 we will be attending the Cartoon Movie event in Lyon, France, where we are going to present our 3D animated feature HUMP as part of the official selection. The presentation of HUMP will be held on March 6, at 11:30am at the Studio Lyon.

Raindance Live Ammunition

Here’s your chance to pitch your movie idea to a panel of industry executives including MovieBrats Producer Alex Weimer: Join Raindance Live! Ammunition Berlinale pitch event this Friday 6:00-8:00pm at the HomeBase Lounge. Entrance is free, but throw a fiver into the hat if you want to pitch! Register here for the guest list (compulsory), including the after party!




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The Speed Breed


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Lost Place

Lost Place

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